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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bolton 1-3 Arsenal

By pk_gunner

Another win and a pretty good performance by the Arsenal, looking good so far this season.

Kevin davies (scum) scored for Bolton from a corner and as usual we couldnt deal with him, he won just about every header throughout the 90 minutes. We then went on to hit the post twice in a a matter of minutes before scoring twice within 60s to suddenly go into a 2-1 (and well deserved) lead. Eboue was quality today, his passing was good as were his touches and the way he went past players. Seemed to be everywhere today too. He was on the left, he was on the right and he certainly made Ronaldo look shite. He seems to have improved a lot and he scored a decent (but offside) goal.

Clichy had to go off because of a reckless challenge by Kevin Davies (scum) but he'll be fine so Sagna moved to LB and Djorou at RB where they both struggled a bit. Cesc was ok-ish and obviously not back to his best yet, Denilson and Song were good with Denilson scoring one and making another. Bendtner and Adebayor were both effective. Walcott was once again really effective after he came on, he's really come on leaps and bounds so far this season and will surely get even better, he along with Adebayor made our 3rd.  Away support was ok, especially where I was but I've heard it werent so good in some of the other sections.

Top of the league at least till tommorow and here's hoping the Chelsea and United game ends in a draw with a few injuries and suspensions at least. The yids at the bottom of the table, top 4 they were having a fu*king laugh.

1st           Arsenal














2oth         Sp*rs

Friday, 19 September 2008


You need your eyesight checked. I said in my earlier post in the blog:

Most (my emphasis on most NOT all) 'fans' in those 'Asian' countries ONLY support Arsenal because our club isn't obscure hence their basis of support is due to the fame of Arsenal --> glory hunters. This is obvious in Chelsea's case, they had no 'fans' or a large fanbase but as soon as £££ arrived and they won something whaddya know we have this huge 'fanbase' coming from nowhere.

Now how the on earth is that racist I have no idea. I'll have a pop at anyone who goes to a match and sits there like a stone. Not sure whether you're aware of a simple fact but cheering and singing for your team HELPS. (FFS). It intimidates the opposition and HELPS your team win. Anyone who doesn't do that is a gloryhunting joke. As for calling Adebayor a cunt, I and real Arsenal fans will call him that and any scum who plays for us while looking to go elsewhere for money.

You said: ''My point all the way through was that everyone should be allowed a point of view even if they don’t stand up during 'if you hate totscum' ect.ect.''

Its a free world. People can have any view they want but I don't agree with yours.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

At the idiot who replied:

Who made you Arsenal God to say who should go to the Emirates whether asian or
not (obviously you were short sited at HIGHBURY the East Lower was always
sprinkled with our Asian friends who didnt detract from any atmosphere and paid
a couple hundred quid to get in for their trouble from the low life scum who
call themselves touts)

'Arsenal God' hahaha, nice one that.You try and make it sound like I hate asians and that Im sort of racist twat. Thats not the case, at all. I just think MOST foreign fans are glory hunters, and they are. The majority wont know a thing about our history. If Arsenal are playing in league 1 after 15 years, I wonder if our support across Asia will still be there.

Arsenal away fans are best...its a magnified view if 3-4000 who are mainly
singers who sit in the same area, dont kid yourself these same people are there
week in week out at home along with another 10,000 hard corer's. You need the
numbers made up though and if you dont you have that you are crappy Blackburn
Wigan Bolton ect no floating fanbase.

Arsenal away fans are the best yeh. I've never said that these people are the same ones at home along with '10,000 hardcores' nor have I ever denied the fact that you need the 'other sort' to make up the numbers.

Short memories also.... whilst the halcyon days of Wengers reighn have seen
difficulties in getting Highbury tickets for a 38,000 odd game take a (even with
TRS)look back to the early 90s before the new north bank and a simple posted
cheque could get you a ticket for the Man utd title clincher....look further
back to the mid to late 80s where you could queue to walk on to the North bank
and stand with all the passionate singers swaying backwards and forwards but
also remember these times saw crowds of between 25,000 for Luton to a 53,000 for
the visit of Liverpool weeks later.

I know all this, I dont even know why you mention it.

Arsenal fans faces may change but the same commitement from the likes of me you
and people that make up the numbers these shouldnt been treated with contempt as
you and the other idiot have ...

Me and the 'other idiot' treat their commitment with contempt because the majority will only be showing commitment till we're in the top 4, I know that and you know that and what pisses me off even more is that some of those wankers will have a go at some of the proper Arsenal. Cunts.

Oh and because you shouted at a player whoopee doo 'lads' wouldnt be involved
at a friendly grow up quick toss pot and have some respect you make me sick
youve been watching to many football factory films ......

When did I say shouting at a player makes me all tough or whatever the fuck your thinking it makes someone? Shouting at players takes place at football games all the time, doesnt make anyone 'proper'. I dont know why you even bring this into it and where does the football factory stuff come in lmao.

I'm pretty sure I know who you are, though I wonder why you didnt post all this earlier in the massive discussions.

Stupid tosser.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Arsenal 1-0 West Brom

First game of the season and we got the 3 points and thats all that mattered, cant believe Im hearing people whinging about the performance and how it werent that good a result. 

I thought Clichy did well as usual and Denilson and Eboue were good in the centre. Eboue did really well I thought, shooting was way off though, made some good interceptions. The 2 CB's were exposed at times and we were lucky to be a goal up after their double chance. 

The whole team seemed to take their foot of the pedal after about the 25th minute. Adebayor was poor and missed two sitters (he wanted 120,000 p/w? - wanker ). Bendtner was non-existent really and Walcott drifted in and out. Nasri was really good and seems to have really good vision, one through ball he played from nearly our box to Adebayor was quality, he'll be even better after he bulks up further. Lets hope him scoring first game of the season isnt a false dawn like Hleb last year!  Makes a good run into the box and does well to get into a goal scoring position.

All in all we should've probably won by more but it was the 3pts that mattered. Here's to rest dropping pts.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Gloryhunter, atmosphere destroying tossers

Referring to posts on Arsenal forum:

Yeah seen plenty of Asian 'support' at the Emirates as well (infact this goes for all the fake tossers). They are fairly easy to spot as they are the ones with their Arsenal shirts (who think wearing them makes them a fan) who sit very quietly with their little cam-recorders and sound oblivious to songs such as 'Stand UP for the Arsenal' 'Stand UP if you hate Tottenham', they're the ones who mutter 'not the fucking singing again'.

Most (my emphasis on most NOT all) 'fans' in those 'Asian' countries ONLY support Arsenal because our club isn't obscure hence their basis of support is due to the fame of Arsenal --> glory hunters. This is obvious in Chelsea's case, they had no 'fans' or a large fanbase but as soon as £££ arrived and they won something whaddya know we have this huge 'fanbase' coming from nowhere.

Atmosphere shit --> too many 'fans' whose only highlight is taking pictures, jumping up and down like toddlers when they see the players but when it really MATTERS, when they're supposed to get behind the team and intimidate opposition they'll be sitting there like fucking vegetables.

For me if people arent going to sing at grounds then watch the fucking match on tele instead of destroying the atmosphere, leave the ground for REAL fans. Singing/chanting makes the atmosphere, intimidates opposition, creates 'fear' into minds of teams coming to play and hence HELPS the side win. All of you 'fans' get it through your head.

No fucking point going to the Emirates anymore. If all is one going to do is sit on their arse with the fancy cameras taking pictures every minute, moaning whenever a REAL fan starts singing going isn't worth it. I'll love to see where the fucking gloryhunters are when or if we don't remain a footballing 'power'.

As for Adebayor can't believe the twat had the audacity to kiss the badge. He can fuck off. We don't need mercenary's who'll abandon the club whenever an offer comes. The donkey is still here because no-one probably wanted him in the end and Wenger didn't sell him.

Can't believe people have voted Sagna as the player of the season (the poll here).

13 (50%)
2 (7%)
7 (26%)
2 (7%)
Greedy fuck
2 (7%)

He edges it for me, the first season and since his absence our defence collapsed. Sagna the Clichy and then Fabregas/Adebayor.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The 'new Arsenal'

Was at the Emirates cup both days and they were worse Arsenal match day experiences I've ever had. You could say it was pre-season and then it'd be fair enough but this happens every home game. 

The ground is full of utter glory hunting w*nkers who know f*ck all about the club. Just because they wear a shirt makes them think they're Arsenal. I knew things were bad at the Emirates but yesterday I truly realized how bad they actually were. I boo-ed Adebayor both days but I have w*nkers around me (Who wont stand up -even for the Arsenal or when about a 100 of us out of 60,000 were singing songs about the filth, sing anything except 'Who are ya'- lamest thing ever or do ANYTHING else except take photos and do mexican waves- cringing) who were cheering Adebayor and BOOING EBOUE! In the end the c*nts around me were singing Adebayor's name and then had the nerve to boo Eboue when he came on. Absolute w*nkers. At least Eboue tries and gives it his all and isnt a greedy elephant washing c*nt. 

On the second day fans were boo-ing Van Nistelrooy and Robben (thank @#$%& god) and then Robben comes over to take a corner and no one does anything so I stand up and call him a f*cking ugly c*nt and I look around to see rows and rows of people with bemused expressions and just sitting there doing nothing. You sing songs "stand up for the Arsenal" or "Stand up if you hate Tottenham" and you get 'fans' (with Fabregas on their back looking up with confused expressions. I had blokes around me who were on the phone and talking about going on dates and restaurants and other people who were saying 'this is so boring and score a goal' 

On the first day Me and my brother had 4 lads around us who seemed to be true Arsenal and in the end we were having a go at the whole block and called them gloryhunting w*nkers and yids in disguise, and then all I saw was rows and rows of people staring up at us with blank faces (we were right at the back). Some other lads were saying "thats it, thats how you support your club with all your passion" being sarcastic of course and none of those t*ssers said anything. Heard a bloke put it right when he said that imagine if Sp*rs or Liverpool had 60,000 in a ground. the 50 or so Hamburg were making more noise than the rest of the ground put together. Oh and the stewards are absolute @#$%& telling you to sit down when theres a wall behind you  

I can see why Adebayor was kissing our badge, because he knew most of our 'support' was full of w*nkers who know f*ck all about the game and that they'd start cheering him, guess he was right  

The club has already lost its soul thanks to the premiership going global (SKY @#$%&). Our 'home ground' is full of foreign glory hunting @#$%& who'll be supporting United after 5 years and I wouldn't go to the Emirates even if I got a free ticket for every game. Pretty obvious why some of the core supporters tend to go to away games only and Im going to do the same thing.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hleb signs for Barcelona:

The cunt has finally left and gone to Barcelona where I'm sure its a whole lot quieter.  We got him for £12m which appeans to be a decent figure.

Just thought I'd thank the tosser for the 10 odd goals and assists he gave us over the past 3 seasons. The bloke specialised in going around in circles, slowing down counter attacks and passing in around the 6 yard box in the penalty area (tosser).

He certainly wont be missed as we'll surely play someone more direct and someone who doesnt pass when 2 yards away from the fucking goal line.

On the other hand good luck to Gilberto who's supposedly left for a club in greece, true professional.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Nasri deal finally done

£15.8 million.

Excellent buy, I reckon we still need a winger (since Hleb will fuck off most likely) and maybe a striker if Wenger sells Adebayor.

Looking forward to seeing Nasri next season.

Friday, 6 June 2008


How many Arsenal fans don't give a fuck if he goes? I don't. For me a winger is useless if he can't score or give assists especially in a team like ours where we play with only one striker (since RVP's injured all season). What is it Hleb's scored: 11 goals since he's been here, that's 11 goals in 3 years and 14 assists...this is a winger we're talking about.

Don't get me wrong he's been sensational in some games but a winger who boasts 11 goals and a pathetic 14 assists in 3 years won't be a big loss. His inability to score has cost us more than people realize. When we had Pires or Freddie we had no problem. If Henry was off-form they would chip in. We needed a winger to score when Ade was off-form and Fabregas's goals' had dried up and Hleb failed miserably.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would expect nothing from Eboue since the guy isn't even a winger, he's a right-back, a fucking good one too which Arsenal fans are quick to forget.

My point is Hleb should have done more; a lot more. His passing and fancy skills are useful but they don't help the team win what helps the team win is goals and assists from their winger if the striker is off-form. What is expected of a winger is to get in goal-scoring positions and take opportunities, sadly Hleb has failed all these expectations. Perhaps we have been spoiled by Freddie and Pires's goal-scoring exploits but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that all successful teams in Europe have goal-scoring wingers they can rely on. Madrid have Sneijder and Robben, both of whom have contributed in more than 20 goals and assists combined and 10 goals and assists combined each, that's what Hleb's done in 3 years. Utd have Ronaldo and Giggs who'll chip in. Barca have Messi and in recent years, except this one, Ronaldinhio has been nothing short of sensational.

Maybe I am being harsh but take Hleb out and nothing changes. Our number of goals stay the same, we need a goal-scoring winger or one who contributes a high number of assists. If we need players with fancy skills we have plenty in our academy.

Friday, 23 May 2008

John Terry

Mr Chelsea.

Served him right, crying like a fucking girl. Why take the penalty when he still had someone like Essien? Because of his big fucking ego thats why. He and the Chavs would have thought come on 'JT' score now and make yourself a hero, instead he made himself look like a prat. I remember Gallas being gutted after we drew at Brum and the press labelled him as a 'bad example' to the team, what about Terry eh? Or is he English and all the criticism doesn't apply to him? Same with Shrek throwing his shirt after being subbed, had it been someone from our team the press would have been at it like a pack of wolves but no Rooney was displaying 'English grit'. Fucking hypocrites.

As much as I hate the Mancs; better them than the whores. No Arsenal fan (and am talking about real gooners, not the numpties who have no idea how much we hate Chelsea and who still think 'Man U' are our biggest rivals) would have been able to see that twat Cole lift the trophy.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

End of Season

Here's what I reckon

Player of the season: Sagna, the lad didn't make a single mistake and with him being injured our defence has fallen apart.

Match of the season: Milan 0-2 Arsenal, no doubt.

Home performance: Not many that stand out, home was where we fucked up our season but if it had to be it was against the yids.

Away: Yids

Goal of the season: Adebayor at Anfield, alone worth it for Theo's superb run.

Gutted many of us, as the poll shows, really thought we'd won the title after our amazing run. I still firmly believe we'll do it next year as the team will know what mistakes not to make again.

We need 3 players, 2 wingers and a good solid DM.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Does the situation really look that bleak?

Arsenal fans on the forums have been very worried about losing Flamini and Hleb. We always knew Flamini was going to fu*k off and too be honest and I am not really that worried about Hleb leaving too be honest.

Yes he is excellent with his passing but people have slating Adebayor about him missing chances what about Hleb? How many times has he fu*ked up? How many times has he got into a position and refused to shoot thus missing an opportunity? How many goals has he scored? I've said before a winger is useless if he can't fu*king score, 11 goals in 89 apps. Not many assists. Is he really that big a loss? Any person with a ounce of common sense by looking at those numbers will say he isn't.

Hope Wenger goes and buys a good GOAL-SCORING winger, we'll all be happy.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Flamini the c**t off

Well done for the season Flamini. He gave his heart out in every game.

BUT what a c**t for the way he's left. Greedy idiot.

As for Jens, he deserved his ovation. He's been a star for us all 8 years. The amount of times he's saved us from beatings is unbelievable. For me his performance in the FA Cup 2005 will always be etched in my memory.

Flamini: who gives a fu*k.

Jens: good luck in the future in whatever he does. Thanks for all the memories.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

All Bow To Adebayor

30 goals. A marvelous season. More goals than that diving cheat Torres and 8 less than that diving cheat Ronaldo, yet some cu*ts still have the audacity to doubt the big man. He's done it against everyone. At Old Trafford, at Anfield, at the Swamp, at San Siro, at Goodison Park, at Villa Park...the list goes on and on.

Well done to the lad. He's only 23, he'll continue shutting up numpties.

Liverpool out to the Whores. Had we not been cheated I would have felt sorry for the scoucers. Hope Utd beat the chavs the thought of them being European Champions isn't pleasant.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Hleb off

Too be honest if he went I wouldn't be too down-hearted. For me a winger no matter how skillful and masterfl in fancy skills and passing if he doesn't socre he's useless. We needed a winger for goals, after Ade's bad form and Fabregas's goal drought but he couldn't manage it.

If we sell him hope Wenger gets a winger who is good at passing and good at scoring. That would give something we have lacked since Pires and Ljunberg, a real goal scoring winger.

I think another 7-10 goals, had Hleb scored them, things may have been different.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Penalty at Liverpool, by Simon68 from Arsenal Times

Bit old now, but this was an excellent post so here it is:

As the thread about the penalty and the evidence states, the referee got the decision totally wrong.

Lets assume for a minute that we weren't hard done by and that Babel was booked for diving or that Gallas just cleared the ball as he would have done.

Would we have been able to hold out for a further 6 minutes including injury time?

On the basis that we had conceded on average a goal every 60 minutes over the two legs, the assumption would have to be we would have.

That would have meant we were in the CL semis and not Liverpool.

Add in the penalty which we undoubtedly should have had at The Emirates (not to mention Bendtner's goalline clearance), and the margin over Liverpool would have been even more emphatic.

And given our superiority in both games it would have been no more than we deserved.

On that subject, it's interesting that so many people, both so-called experts, ex-players, journalists, fans, blogs etc. are so eager to put forward the theory that we 'ran out of steam' on Tuesday. I have replayed the second half of the game and if that was the case it is even more remarkable that we played much the better football, crisper passing, better movement, and created better chances than Liverpool.

Liverpool ran around alot, spoilt some of our play, fouled, dived, and put together a couple of decent passing movements and had one moment of excellence from Torres.

My question is this:-

Being pretty certain we would have gone through with fair/competent refereeing, would there be so many people talking about summer clearouts or apportioning blame to players or saying AW should have spent millions in January (hindsight's a great thing isn't it?) or, f*ck me, that AW isn't good enough?

I know fine well what the answer is, but are you lot big enough to admit it?

Monday, 14 April 2008

Lay off Adebayor

Its tiring to hear people giving the guy crap.

All the other top 3 teams have atleast 2 star strikers to rely on incase their main one runs out of form.

Chelsea have 5: Drogba, Pizzaro, Kalou, Anelka and Shevchenko

Man Utd have 3 (I am counting Ronaldo as because of his scoring pedigree): Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo

Liverpool have 3: Torres, Crouch and Voronin

Compare that to us, we have three one of whom spends more time in the physio room than the pitch, one who fu*ks up chances when he comes off the bench (Bendtner) and a lone striker who has scored 19 goals this season, three goals against the other Top 2 of the 3 (Utd and Liverpool).

Any person with an ounce of common sense should know the guy can't score all through the season on his own, as good as he is he is no Henry.

Chelsea, Utd and Liverpool have good quality strikers who score whenever they play or come of the bench and if their first choice strikers are out of form the second choice can be relied upon. Whereas we don't have the luxury with Bendnter and the injury-plagued RVP.

Adebayor isn't Superman, he needs support from other strikers. We won't even make second in all probability and had Adebayor not scored 19 goals I doubt we would have even made 4th.

So stop c.unting off Adebayor and give it a fuc*ing rest.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Liverpool's supposed atmoshphere: A myth

I am constantly tired of hearing this sh*t about how this supposed famous 'atmosphere' will be a 12th man. Who the fu*k has ever heard a team losing due to the atmosphere. If the atmosphere was so great and intimidating as the scousers make it out to be I doubt they would be sitting on 4th place. Where was their famous atmosphere when we thrashed them 3-1 and 6-3? Or when they get whipped every year by Utd at Anfield?

All we'll have is the boring You're Never Walk Alone cr*p for the Ist 5 minutes and then silence.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Scousers do what they're best at: Nicking

How was that 1-1 is beyond me. The referee, what a wank*r, misses a stonewall penalty, and didn't penalise that little diving c**t Torres all through the game.

We attacked and attacked. I wish Wenger would stop playing Eboue. The guy doesn't have a clue about playing on a wing. Start with Walcott. Talking of which its tiring to see the team not passing to Walcott often, 5 fu***g passes in 20 mins to the lad. Whenever he had the ball he made stuff happen.

Very confident though. We have scored 11 goals in the last 4 matches at Anfield. We'll take it 2-1 I reckon.

The team shouldn't miss chances.

I would start with:


Eboue Gallas Toure Clichy


Hleb Fabregas Diaby Walcott


Or stick Bendtner in for Diaby and switch to 442

RVP injured again. Him and Rosicky spend more f****g time on the sidelines than on the pitch.

Come on Arsenal. WE'RE ON OUR WAY.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Gunners take on Liverpoo

I am very confident, recently we've very good at beating them comfortably at home and playing good at Anfield.

I expect Flamini to keep Gerrard in his back-pocket and Gallas to snuff out Torres.

We'll take it 3-1.

Come on Arsenal.

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Whores haven't beaten us fair and square since 2004

Since 2004

First game under JM, 2-2 draw at Highbury
Second game under JM 0-0 draw at the Bridge
Third game under JM 1-0 at the Bridge, an offside goal towards the end

Fourth game under JM 0-2 at Highbury, RVP's perfectly onside goal disallowed very early on, would have changed the game otherwise

Fifth game under JM The CC Final, Drogba's offside equaliser
Sixth and Seven were draws

And yesterday another offside goal ruined us.

Will be f****g hard now, as usual we make things difficult for ourselves. We need to win ALL games now and hope Man Ure and the Rent-Boys drop points.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Arsenal 1-1 Boro:

Another drab performance, the ref was shocking especially when Adebayor scored a valid goal which was wrongly ruled out for offside.

The performance though didnt really merit a win either, had lots and lots of possesion but did nothing at ALL. Created very few decent chances and Boro defended well. Hleb was shocking, as was Hleb and Adebayor, and conitnuing the trend the team showed some urgency after 85 minutes, before that it was just walking around with the ball, casually. The tempo and penetration were poor.

Adebayor, Hleb and Cesc need rest. They've been playing pretty much non-stop since the season started. We need wingers and something that'll stop our players getting injured every 2 mins. Thats 4 draws in a row now and United can move 3 pts clear if they win their game in hand, against Bolton at home on Wednesday. Chelsea will be level on points with us if they win their game in hand.

We need to step up and be counted NOW.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Milan outclassed

What a magnificent result. This was the same Milan team who smashed Man Ure last year and beat them 3 years ago. Yet as usual we don't get any credit from the press. According to whom Man Ure are still the 'favourites'. Let the c***s under-estimate us, they'll be shut up for good at the end of the season.

Cesc was superb last night. If he plays like that against Man Ure on 12th April he'll wipe the floor with Man Ure's midfield. Gallas was immense so was Flamini. Ade was sensational and for Theo Walcott's doubters his running and an assist should shut up many of them. He did last in 5 minutes what Pato couldn't do over 180 minutes: running behind the defence and creating a goal.

Will go to JJB next week, should be a blinder considering the lads' confidence.

Come on Arsenal, lets shut up the c***s all over.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Arsenal 1-1 Aston Villa

Rescued in the dying seconds by Bendtner, I'll admit I'm not a big fan of his and with him mostly celebrating his goal alone people will again talk about how he doesnt get along with the rest of the team but thats a different matter.

Arsenal were very poor today and probably deserved nothing from the game, and now we're going to start hearing things about how Arsenal have bottled it whereas when united got outplayed at Shit hart lane and got a draw everyone was on about how it was a sign of champions. Today was a very poor performance granted, but I'm sure we'll bounce back.

Diaby out on the left once again looked lost, Walcott faded away as the game went on and the midfield were poor. Hleb was poor and his passing was shocking, Cesc's passing was poor and he missed a good chance at the end of the first half. Flamini did ok. The defence struggled against Villa's pace and they always looked like they might score when they broke, and Almunia bailed us out a couple of times. Their goal would have been offside had Clichy been awake and been in line with the other 3 defenders, Senderos unluckily scored an OG and now people are going to be on his back again.

I'm normally disappointed with a draw (as any Arsenal fan is) but after getting a draw today when we didnt really deserve it shows the team never gives up, and THAT is a sign of champions. I'm confident our performances are going to improve, with RVP and Rosicky returning hopefully by the time we play Wigan.

Come on Arsenal.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ban Martin Taylor

SIGN the petition

He should only be allowed back Eduardo is capable to play again.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Martin Taylor...what a c***

What a chance we've fu**ing missed today to go 8 points clear. Man Ure are leading the sh*t Geordies as I type....

F**k the game, I feel so sorry for Eduardo. The lad must have been looking forward to the Euros and Arsenal's CL run and now his careers' been threatened by a t**t like Taylor. Dudu's foot was hanging off in half, I wished I hadn't seen the picture.

Get well soon Eduardo.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Arsenal vs Milan, 19:45

Picture by Rockstaar from ARSENAL TIMES

PREDICTION: 1-0 to the Gunners, Fabregas with the goal

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Manchester United 4-0 Arsenal:

No excuses for this one.

They played a weaker side than we did, and we had some of our best players playing in Fabregas, Hleb and Gallas.

The whole defence was utterly shite, fullbacks got turned inside out again and again. Gallas and Toure were shite.

In midfield, we had 10 men anyway in the first half with Eboue. Cesc was poor, Gilberto, as he has been this season, was shite. Eduardo on the left did more than the whole team put together in the first half. Also, I think its about time Wenger finally realised his position is NOT on the left. He still did OK.

Bendtner upfront couldnt do anything since he never had the ball. Eboue getting sent off in the 2nd half finished it off, if it wasn't already finished.

Lehmann was our man of the match. He made some good saves, and came out of his area several times to stop one-on-ones (our defence held a high line but the 4 defenders never 'synced' together, and were never in line).

Woeful performance, and the experienced players looked like they just didnt care. They showed some of ours fans clapping at the end, that was wrong, the complete gutless performance by our lads deserved booing. Humiliations in both the cups, first by Sp*rs and now United. (At least United won't be bringing out a DVD.)

I dont think this will have an effect on our league performance and hopefully we can keep going on like we did after the battering by Sp*rs.

Lets hope for a better performance against Milan. We need to take a lead over there, without conceding at home. If they get an away goal or two like they did against United last season, then we'd be in deep trouble.

Need to bounce back well for Wednesday. Come on Arsenal.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Arsenal 2-0 Blackburn:

Arsenal took the golden oppurtunity of going 5 points clear of United and 8 points clear of Chelsea after a deserved victory over Blackburn Rovers at the Emirates Stadium. Senderos and Adebayor got on the scoresheet for us.

I didnt watch the game but managed to listen to most of the 2nd half on the radio and by the sounds of we had them on the backfoot for most of the game and Lehmann was rarely called into action. Fabregas had to play on the right side due to injuries and gilberto and Flamini played in the centre with Hleb on the right. According to our fans Arsenal were sensational for the first 20 mins and should've scored about 2, then blackburn did put some pressure on us till the end of the half. In the 2nd half it was all Arsenal but it was nervous till we got the 2nd because as long as your 1 up the other team can get a goal and it only takes a second to score a goal but Adebayor popped up to score a goal and he now has 19 goals in the league so far (same amount as Henry apparently during the 03/04 season).

Next game for us is the FA cup game against United, I see Arsene resting quite a few players for this one. To beat United at Old trafford every player has to give 200% and Im not sure whether our first 11 can give 200% against United AND against Milan only a few days later.

Anyway good weekend for us. Come on Arsenal.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Arsenal with a Golden chance as Utd f*** up

What a chance, with 12 games to go; if we win then I reckon we'll be pole favourites for the title. I mean it'll take a major co*k-up to squander a 5 point lead wth 12 games to go. Saying that we did mess it up in 2002-03...

We'll thrash Rovers tommorow, Come on Arsenal.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

City 1-3 Arsenal


Easy in the end, they had 2 shots on target the whole game and rarely threatened.

Adebayor as immense again, awesome touches and control and scored 2 goals. 21 for the season ! Eduardo did well and scored a good goal.

Clichy made a mistake (first time in his Arsenal career?) which resulted in a goal and their only chance. The defence was good otherwise. Hleb and Diaby were OK.

Cesc was better towards the end of the game. We beat a team who hadn't lost at home yet.

Top of the league for now.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle


Adebayor scored a well worked goal, belter by Flamini and good 3rd goal by Cesc.

Newcastle were pathetic like they were under Fat Sam and deserved what they got.

Good clinical finishing from us. First goal was good, with good play by Hleb and Cesc and a good cross by Flamini which was headed in by Adebayor. 19th of the season !

Flamini was quality, nice to see him organising the players when defending set plays. He really has come forward this season, quality going forward and quality defending. Like Clichy he just never gets tired.

Clichy was class once again, he really is an attacking threat for us now. Some of his passing and crossing is very good. Senderos again did a very good job and the way he's been playing we cant remember we even had Kolo! He headed away/cleared balls countless times. He helps us to another clean sheet.

Cescs' goal was a good goal too, good touch from Bendtner and good left foot finish by Cesc. It'd been a while since he had last scored, and hopefully he'll get more form back.

Top of the league for at least a day. Good performance.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

What a laugh

Got this from The Herd and then the Arsenal Times (I do NOT know whose picture this is or who made, so do not accuse me of leeching)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle

A very good performance, hats off to Clichy and Ade. Clichy's crossing was superb and Ade was sensational in his finishing. Walcott wasn't too bad either. Diaby was acceptable, his phobia of passing is still p*ss annoying.

A good comeback after the Tottenham fluke. Newcastle weren't too bad either, finally they played football and not the hoof-ball that they played under Big Sam. They'll be good under Keegan although there is no chance any team will break into the top 4.

Newcastle again up next, will be tight I reckon. We'll still win though, 2-1 my preditcion.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Traitors...some 'Arsenal' Fans

I have been utterly appalled by some 'Arsenal' fans trying to congratulate Tottenham for their fluke. Fu**ing disgraceful, those aren't Arsenal fans, those are the numpties that don't sing nor chant nor clap nor do any fucking thing at the Emirates, those are the ones who don't appreciate that they have the chance to support Arsenal when people like me would give a fu**ing arm and leg to go and see us play, no wonder the atmosphere there is going bonkers, those 'fans' are the ones who still think our biggest rivals are 'Man U'.

I am sick to my fu**ing stomach after yesterday, so it begs belief how some 'Arsenal fans' can feel like accepting the loss let alone congratulating the yid cu**s.
And I also post on The Herd before anyone effing blames me for leaching or copying the same post.

On a couple of places people have been getting touchy regarding this topic, its only football at the end of the day, I dislike a club, nothing more.

Tottenham sporting director Damien Comolli has apologised to Arsene Wenger after the Arsenal manager was sprayed with champagne by Spurs players during his post-match interviews following Tuesday's Carling Cup semi-final. (BBC)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Toon up next

Lets move on the next match then. Its Newcastle at the Emirates. We've beaten them before this season so I am not too worried. I would like to see Gavin Hoyte given a run, if he is fit. It'll be a strong team so we should be alright.

Ba*tard* take on Arsenal


Looks a strong squad. I think Wenger will put out the following team (assuming he isn't willing to risk Gallas, Ade, Cesc and Hleb)

Sagna Hoyte Gilberto Traore
Walcott Denilson Flamini Diaby
Edu Bendtner

My only worry would be the Central defence and risking Flamini but we don't have any other choice.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED and for those who are going to Milan

With 14 classic old Bergkamp goals and the goals against Fulham.

This person, pintofmilk, (hence I don't want to take credit) gave this link for those who are going to Milan:


Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

Routine win, Clichy was excellent. His crossing which usually is poor was superb. I was also impressed by Eduardo today. His involvement in the 3rd goal was superb, he was lively and he caused Fulham a lot of problems. As for Adebayor he's only 23 for those of you who slate him and with years ahead of him he'll be a star. Well played Ade.

C***s up next, we'll win, by PENALTIES I reckon.

Come on lads lets beat the tossers in their own backyard again.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED, 14TH JAN

With now Classic goals uploaded, you won't those anywhere on the internet.

Monday, 14 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED, 14TH JAN

Goals against Bucharest, Villa, Reading, Newcastle, Man Ure, Wigan, 7-0 vs Prague, 3 against Shef Utd, Goals against Liverpool, Goals against Sunderland, Away at bucharest and vs West Ham.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Arsenal 1-1 Brum

Well well, my pre-prediction of 3-0 sounds silly...Couldn't see the match unfortunately, had a driving lesson but from what I saw in the last ten minutes maybe it was a blessing. We have dropped some useless points, needless points to crap teams. If it was Chelsea under JM they would have been 10 points clear by now. But I still have the confidence in the lads and its still too early.

Next up Fulham away. I would take this game very seriously. Relegation threatned teams or teams in bad form usually gives us a hard time, the case being Newcastle, Boro and now Birmingham.

I still expect a win though. Come on Arsenal!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Walcott saves Theo day

Haha. Tottenham really do make laugh. I mean how many fu**ing chances do you mugs need to score?

I am rather proud of Arsenal. 
2 years ago we had our most dreadful season in a decade and we still 
finished ahead of Tottenham (who had their best season in a decade), now we play our shi**est and they STILL can't ever win! Remember Pires's goal in 2005/06 at WHL? We played pants and still drew. Henry's goal at Highbury? We played pants and still drew. Baptista's 2 goals at WHL? We played pants and came back from 2 goals and still drew. Remember the last two games at the Emirates? We played pants and even won one. With this type of resilience I am very confident we'll turn the c***s at WHL, Arsene will make sure of that.

Come on Arsenal, make us proud.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Arsenal take on the B*****s

I cannot wait to see our reserve side give them a spanking again. Whatever team Arsene plays we'll still manage to beat them. I hope we don't rest Eduardo as his form has recently been nothing short of sensational and I also hope we play Cesc even though with a PL game on Sat it may be risky. If he plays there is no way the Spuds can dominate midfield. With Berbatov's head swollen so much and Ledley King getting injured like a little kid after every 5 minutes I am not too worried Tottenham will be a threat. They haven't been for the last 40 years.

Come on ARSENAL.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Burnley 0-2 Arsenal----The Arsenal- Goals Updated-

Well played Burnley. Dudu again the hero for me. The guy's finishing is surely the best in Arsenal, the coolness and the composure is second to none. Credit to Burnley, they played very well and unlike many championship or indeed PL sides their play wasn't all about hoofball. They played some good attacking football.

-The Arsenal- Goals updated with goals from Anelka, Paddy and Freddie fot those who can't find the old goals on the internet. The link is on the top right hand side.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals Updated

Lauren's vs Chelscum and Adams vs Man Ure (Absolutely love that!). The Link is on the top right hand side.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Goals Updated

Everton vs Arsenal. All Goals. Link is on the top right hand corner.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Arsenal 2-0 West Ham

Unfortunately didn't watch or listen to this game (due to the fact I was trapped in the forking tube traffic), but by the sounds of it we had a routine win. It was good to hear that Freddie got a standing ovation as he was going off injured, he is an Arsenal legend however the BS he said when he left the club was annoying.

Eduardo scord once again, and apparently its his 5th goal in his last 3 starts, and some people say he has not settled well so far but it seems they are oblvious to the fact that he actually has 10 goals, which is a lot more than many other supposed stars in the English premier league. Eduardo scored our goal within the first 5 minutes and from then on West Ham would have had to come forward and try and get an equaliser. Adebayor got our 2nd, and it was an amazing goal by the sounds however. Adebayor, really is an unpredictable player. He goes from the truly amazing to the the amazingly shocking in a matter of minutes! Look at his goal against Sp*rs and Newcastle, and by the sound of things today's goal, and then compare that to some of the sitters he still misses from 8 yards out. He still has some critics, and people think Bendtner should be ahead of him (I disagree---this is a long and much discussed tedious topic) but whatever anyone says, theres no doubt that Emmanuel Adebayor is a class act and we miss him when he's not playing.

So an FA Cup game at turf moor coming up next for Arsenal, and it will be interesting to see what team Wenger puts out because we usually play a slightly stronger side in the FA cup compared to the ones we put out in the CC.

(Goals will be uploaded in the next 1-2 days, and if anyone has any requests of goals over the past 5-6 years then say so. I have a HUGE collection of Arsenal goals, and I'm glad I downloaded them all that time ago because now the pricks have them removed from Youtube).