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Monday, 18 August 2008

Arsenal 1-0 West Brom

First game of the season and we got the 3 points and thats all that mattered, cant believe Im hearing people whinging about the performance and how it werent that good a result. 

I thought Clichy did well as usual and Denilson and Eboue were good in the centre. Eboue did really well I thought, shooting was way off though, made some good interceptions. The 2 CB's were exposed at times and we were lucky to be a goal up after their double chance. 

The whole team seemed to take their foot of the pedal after about the 25th minute. Adebayor was poor and missed two sitters (he wanted 120,000 p/w? - wanker ). Bendtner was non-existent really and Walcott drifted in and out. Nasri was really good and seems to have really good vision, one through ball he played from nearly our box to Adebayor was quality, he'll be even better after he bulks up further. Lets hope him scoring first game of the season isnt a false dawn like Hleb last year!  Makes a good run into the box and does well to get into a goal scoring position.

All in all we should've probably won by more but it was the 3pts that mattered. Here's to rest dropping pts.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Gloryhunter, atmosphere destroying tossers

Referring to posts on Arsenal forum:

Yeah seen plenty of Asian 'support' at the Emirates as well (infact this goes for all the fake tossers). They are fairly easy to spot as they are the ones with their Arsenal shirts (who think wearing them makes them a fan) who sit very quietly with their little cam-recorders and sound oblivious to songs such as 'Stand UP for the Arsenal' 'Stand UP if you hate Tottenham', they're the ones who mutter 'not the fucking singing again'.

Most (my emphasis on most NOT all) 'fans' in those 'Asian' countries ONLY support Arsenal because our club isn't obscure hence their basis of support is due to the fame of Arsenal --> glory hunters. This is obvious in Chelsea's case, they had no 'fans' or a large fanbase but as soon as £££ arrived and they won something whaddya know we have this huge 'fanbase' coming from nowhere.

Atmosphere shit --> too many 'fans' whose only highlight is taking pictures, jumping up and down like toddlers when they see the players but when it really MATTERS, when they're supposed to get behind the team and intimidate opposition they'll be sitting there like fucking vegetables.

For me if people arent going to sing at grounds then watch the fucking match on tele instead of destroying the atmosphere, leave the ground for REAL fans. Singing/chanting makes the atmosphere, intimidates opposition, creates 'fear' into minds of teams coming to play and hence HELPS the side win. All of you 'fans' get it through your head.

No fucking point going to the Emirates anymore. If all is one going to do is sit on their arse with the fancy cameras taking pictures every minute, moaning whenever a REAL fan starts singing going isn't worth it. I'll love to see where the fucking gloryhunters are when or if we don't remain a footballing 'power'.

As for Adebayor can't believe the twat had the audacity to kiss the badge. He can fuck off. We don't need mercenary's who'll abandon the club whenever an offer comes. The donkey is still here because no-one probably wanted him in the end and Wenger didn't sell him.

Can't believe people have voted Sagna as the player of the season (the poll here).

13 (50%)
2 (7%)
7 (26%)
2 (7%)
Greedy fuck
2 (7%)

He edges it for me, the first season and since his absence our defence collapsed. Sagna the Clichy and then Fabregas/Adebayor.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The 'new Arsenal'

Was at the Emirates cup both days and they were worse Arsenal match day experiences I've ever had. You could say it was pre-season and then it'd be fair enough but this happens every home game. 

The ground is full of utter glory hunting w*nkers who know f*ck all about the club. Just because they wear a shirt makes them think they're Arsenal. I knew things were bad at the Emirates but yesterday I truly realized how bad they actually were. I boo-ed Adebayor both days but I have w*nkers around me (Who wont stand up -even for the Arsenal or when about a 100 of us out of 60,000 were singing songs about the filth, sing anything except 'Who are ya'- lamest thing ever or do ANYTHING else except take photos and do mexican waves- cringing) who were cheering Adebayor and BOOING EBOUE! In the end the c*nts around me were singing Adebayor's name and then had the nerve to boo Eboue when he came on. Absolute w*nkers. At least Eboue tries and gives it his all and isnt a greedy elephant washing c*nt. 

On the second day fans were boo-ing Van Nistelrooy and Robben (thank @#$%& god) and then Robben comes over to take a corner and no one does anything so I stand up and call him a f*cking ugly c*nt and I look around to see rows and rows of people with bemused expressions and just sitting there doing nothing. You sing songs "stand up for the Arsenal" or "Stand up if you hate Tottenham" and you get 'fans' (with Fabregas on their back looking up with confused expressions. I had blokes around me who were on the phone and talking about going on dates and restaurants and other people who were saying 'this is so boring and score a goal' 

On the first day Me and my brother had 4 lads around us who seemed to be true Arsenal and in the end we were having a go at the whole block and called them gloryhunting w*nkers and yids in disguise, and then all I saw was rows and rows of people staring up at us with blank faces (we were right at the back). Some other lads were saying "thats it, thats how you support your club with all your passion" being sarcastic of course and none of those t*ssers said anything. Heard a bloke put it right when he said that imagine if Sp*rs or Liverpool had 60,000 in a ground. the 50 or so Hamburg were making more noise than the rest of the ground put together. Oh and the stewards are absolute @#$%& telling you to sit down when theres a wall behind you  

I can see why Adebayor was kissing our badge, because he knew most of our 'support' was full of w*nkers who know f*ck all about the game and that they'd start cheering him, guess he was right  

The club has already lost its soul thanks to the premiership going global (SKY @#$%&). Our 'home ground' is full of foreign glory hunting @#$%& who'll be supporting United after 5 years and I wouldn't go to the Emirates even if I got a free ticket for every game. Pretty obvious why some of the core supporters tend to go to away games only and Im going to do the same thing.