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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Gooners take it 3-1

'The Beast' scores (for once)

For once in my life I was annoyed and felt very sorry for Fulham when we scored, they dominated the second half and deserved AT LEAST a point. With them playing like that I hope they don't go down. The one thing I was happy about is someone bleeding putting the ball in the back of the net, the finishing which led to the second goal is what we have been crying out for the season. With Baps missing sitters for the umpteenth time again I was very worried whether we would score more than one. Credit to Fulham, they played their hearts out. We've still got an eye on that 3rd place, next week its Chelsea...

So, the Ozzies did it again. I wonder; are they supernatural? They thrashed another team again in the final. Credit to Sri Lanka for putting up more of a fight than Pakistan and India. In all honesty they match should have been played today, at least it should have been for full 50 overs. Finally; the final closes the curtain on the farcical world cup. Its been a right shambles, start from finish. Congratulations to the Ozzies, they deserve it. So four more long years then..I hope the next WC for Pakistan lasts a bit longer than 4 days..

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

And so I was wrong

Roone..Shrek scores 2 against Milan

Rest assured Milan will go to the final.

So, at least one of my predictions was right; Sri Lanka coast into the final by outclassing the Kiwis. With S.Africa choking like they have always done; the final between Aus and SL should be a thriller. This team my money are on SL but no-one other than Aus deserves to be champion simply because no-one can be as consistent as they have for the last 7 years or so.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Man Ure set to be thrashed

Milan's Kaka: The Highest goalscorer in the CL this year.

Milan and Ancoletti must be having larfs over the team Man Ure are going to put out. Aside from Scholes and Ronaldo and perhaps Giggs Man Ure pose no threat to the Italians. O'Shea and Fletcher are going to be in defence, Kaka MUST be licking his lips. O'Shea is the most useless garbage Ive ever seen, barring Ramage he is the worst 'defender' in the Premiership. The only thing Milan have to be careful about is the counter-attacking threat of United. Ahhh Man Ure losing to Milan, Man Ure losing to Chelsea, Man Ure surrendering the EPL --> Man Ure left trophyless...will make my season. I am firmly backing the Kop to beat Chelsea and lift the trophy. They deserve it.

Turning my attention to the Gunners; there were rumours that former ''Monaco general manager Henri Biancheri would consider the new role of Arsenal director of football'' according to the BBC. Anyone Arsene Wenger chooses would be good enough for everyone.

Pakistan have started advertsing for a new cricket coach, with John Wright and Tom Boon the favs. Frankly this time I want a Pakistani, someone like Aaqib Javed who has won 2 world cups with the U19's. Sri Lanka play NZ today for the Semis. I think SL may just edge this out and if they do they may provide a stern test for whoever wins the other semi (Aus and S.Africa).

Saturday, 21 April 2007


Tottenham started off the match at a fast and frantic pace. They definately had the first half. But then came the Gunners, the most reselient team in the Premiership. Fabregas rang rings around thier defence, with Rosi and Hleb supporting Ade at the front. They were a joy to watch. We were hammering the Scum on their terrority. Then came the equaliser by King Kolo, with Ade's goal just 10 mins after that, it seemed the Gunners had sealed the match. I laughed all the way by some of the chants I had heard by the Gunners. ''Lasagne ohhhh Lasagne'' and ''Are you Tottenham in disguise?' rang out, while their 'support' sat quietly and yet they had the audacity to call our ground a library. Then Anus (Jenas) equalised in the dying seconds and the Scum celebrated like they had won the league or something. Their star man Berbatov was disgusted by the celebrations, he had good reason to be, he must think ''Where the f**k have I ended up?'' We hit the woodwork 3 times, had a perfectly good goal dissallowed and had almost sealed 4th place beofrehand anyway regardless of the result, and so a draw did us no harm. We've already beaten the Scum thrice this season so we had nothing to prove. Spuds on the other hand were outplayed and smashed on their own turf, their Europeon hopes are in jeopardy. They may end up in 9th place, in the mid-table mediocrity they belong in.

8 years and 18 games..still counting, the gaps is getting ever so big..the Glory will always be on the Red Side of North London..