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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Uncyclopedia...what a laugh

The page on India and China is absolutely hilarious. Look at India's coat of arms:
Do jarhoos

Lmao...look at China's page:'s_Republic_of_China

Look at their population. Nearly every page on every thing is so f***ing funny.

The people who made this are f******g genius!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Arsenal complete Fabianski signing

He looks good but I doubt he will be our first choice keeper, although I think Almunia may leave which means we could see a lot of Fabianski next year.

Tottenham fans are easily the most deluded souls on the earth. I have been reading some laughable material on their webiste about how signing a 17 year old has made them into a top four team and how they'll break into into the top four if we had a stinker of a season. Errmmm didn't we just had TWO? Sp*rs will always remain what they are: A mid-table mediocre team, our whipping boys. Carry on giving us the larfs, bloody to****s.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Inzaghi's strikes seal Liverpool's fate

Liverpool 1-2 AC Milan

What goes around comes around, 2 years ago Liverpool didn't deserve it this time it was Milan who were lucky. As us, Arsenal, have found out match after match how missing chances can be deadly it was Liverpool's own un-doing. Gerrard should have scored twice, Pennant was useless, his end product was pretty rubbish. All Liverpool had to show for their possesion was a single goal, that too offside.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Champions League Final

Liverpool vs AC Milan

A very close one to call. The key for Liverpool is to control and keep Milan's midfield esp Kaka under bay. Milan's main attention should be to keep Crouch under close eye, the unorthodox talent can be very dangerous; as the Gunners found out.
I won't be surprised if this goes to penalties again.

Pakistan 'same-sex' couple jailed

Lmao...what a cock-up as if we didn't have any other problems, the courts should focus on the effing out-of-control crime and put the real b******s behind bars, who really deserve it; instead of wasting their time and resources into a harmless case and punishing people who don't really deserve it. See this is where I wish Pakistan was a secular country. I mean if someone wants to live like a poof ITS THEIR BLEEDING CHOICE! If someone doesn't want to follow Islam ITS THEIR CHOICE!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Eboue signs a long-term deal

Eboue has commited himself, he is a superb player and has the potential to be the best left-back in Europe. He is great going forward, his passes and pace are excellent but he needs to sort out his defending. Another Arsene-found Gem. BUt if I was Wenger I would play Hoyte RB and promote Eboue at the right wing. I really think Hoyte is worth another chance.

Big Sam has finally taken over at Geordies, which is the worst thing anyone can do. That club is cursed, if its not injuries its something else. They're seriosuly deluding themselves if they think Sam will win them anything. His boring long ball tactics aren't simply good enough and the best Newcastle will do is get into the top 6 and play crap in Europe, like Bolton have done. They need someone like Sven...yes Sven, who has won trophies, not someone whose only achivement is going into Europe and being knocked out over and over again. It'll be another long 50 years till the Toon win something again I am afraid..

Absolutely hilarious, Mourinhio got ARRESTED. Heard it was because of his dodgy Portugese dog. Like dog like you eh Jose...

Pirates' coming out on 25th May, such a sh*t timing, my exams start on Friday. The weather's gone crap again, the constant rain pisses me off

Monday, 14 May 2007

Pompey not Gunner go in Europe

Pompey 0-0 Arsenal

What a dire and a boring draw. Thank God the stream didn't work and I was spared a useless match. Baps missed chances again, although David James was superb as usual. We should have won through the penalty but we let 3rd spot slip again. Although I don't expect any more signings I and many other Gooners would love to have Tevez at Arsenal. The guy is a genuis. A superb player with bags of skills, pace, stamina and his physical presence who unsettled, as we saw, the Champions themselevs. But like always we'll end up getting a 15 year old from somewhere like Congo. But in Arsene we trust and we'll be stronger in 2 years time.

What a boring day its been. Am starving now, my little cousin's birthday in a couple of weeks. Haven't got a clue what to get a little 9 year old girl.

Looking forward to holidays after my grueling exam schedule..

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Gunners take on Pompey

1-0 to us.

Should be a very good match. Shame Sol Campbell and Lauren aren't playing. Freddie should be fit (I think). Now if we score more than 3 goals and Liverpool score only one we should be able to finish 3rd. I hope Baptista stays, maybe next season he'll come good, I don't want that moaner Reyes coming back. We can't afford to have players who have no real interest in Arsenal playing for us. He'll just spoil all the team morale. I also hope we don't get Ribery, his scoring rate is even worse than Gilberto's but some Arsenal fans just want him for the sake of buying. We could do with another striker though. Shame Aliariere doesn't play, I really think he has the talent.

Just read on BBC how the Spuds chairman thinks Tottenham aren't a selling club. Deluded spuds. Last year how they went on and on about Henry leaving instead they had their greedy players (Carrick comes to mind) leaving on the first opportunity they got. Or Sol Campbell their captain coming to us a few years ago! They won't be the last, Berbatov will be next. Like Chelsea Spurs are a joke of a club. Like Chelsea Spurs are just a small failed, pathetic club with a little bit of money. I still remember reading how some of their fans wanted the Emirates burned down and all the Arsenal fans killed. I still don't get how those clowns can be considered our rivals. They haven't beaten us for 8 years, they haven't finished above us for 12 years. They're just a pathetic feeder club for the top guns.

Heard Sri Lanka will play a weakened team against Pakistan. Asif has also been made the vice captain. Strange decision...Whatmore is also interested in our job. The blinkered donkeys at PCB don't understand that no matter what coach they get unless they give every coach the full authority, our team will stay as a failure.

Exam on Friday. I have revised quite a bit. Still got one long month till they finish and then no college...

Monday, 7 May 2007

Yess...Gunners cost Chelsea the title

Gilberto opens the scoring

What a sweet sweet moment. We've won the title at Utd, Anfield and at Spu*s and we've just cost our 4th rival the title...priceless.

Congrats to Utd, they've had an amazing season.

Chelsea cry-boys

The game was even, I felt though Chelsea will nick it. At times we played the worst football I had seen at the Grove. We kept giving the ball away, missing chances and you cannot do that against Chelsea.

Anyway, exam on Wed, should be a walk in the park. I know Urdu so should be no problem. Exam next week on Friday, Geography. Will be glad once they finish, revision is so pissin boring.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Chelscum and Exams

First one next week on Wed. Have to go alllllll the way down to London for it. I will be so happy when the exams finish. Revision esp Maths does my head in.

Gunners take on Chelsea on Sunday.

At Arsenal:

Prem: Arsenal 9 wins, Chelsea 1, Draws 4

The one Chelsea win was last year. I think we will beat them this time. This year they have been extremely lucky. They only salvaged a point against us at the Bridge due to a superb Essien's once-in-a-life-time-goal; they got battered by our kids in the CC final yet they won. This time we'll shut up Jose. I wuld hate Chelsea to be the first arch-rival to win the Emirates. Mourinho would never shut up if Chelsea won.

3-0 to the Gunners.