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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Barca it is

Finally a team that won't kick the lumps out of us. Our only chance is to keep the difference of MIN two goals in the first legand make Barca don't score more than two. Sadly with Clichy's shitdefending I can see Messi and Alves running riot on the left side.

Not that Barca's defending is great too and I expect Walcott's pace to terrorise them but they have finishers who can put the ball in the back of the net while we have Bendtner and no offence even with his recent form I can hardly imagine Barca having nightmares about him. I expect Arshavin, Nasri to step it up, if they do along with Cesc I am very confident.

Overall, I see a goal-fest at the Emirates and VERY hard trip to Camp Nou,

As for Henry, give him a warm welcome and forget him for 180 minutes, HIs job will be to go out and beat us and instead of making a banner or something about him we should do one for Cesc, show the lad how much we love him.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

As expected wasn't holding my breath, I knew we were going to get pushed aside, failing to overcome Chelsea's physicalness. Clichy played absolute pants as usual, can't run can't defend, can't cross. I'd rather Wenger had gone with Sol in the middle with Gallas on the left with Eboue replacing the totally inept Sagna.

A few times Walcott tracked back with Sagna nowhere to be seen. We might as well have been ten men with Clichy doing fuck all. Zero effort. Disugusting for those who spent their good hard money and went to the match.

Then there is Wenger's 'excuses'. For those dim-wits blasting Arsene. Think. For a moment. Wenger knows more about football than you or me, if we see the utter shit that Arsenal have become than surely he sees it too. Its OBVIOUS we have squat for transfers and he's covering up for the monoey grabbing idiots of the board. It doesn't take a genuis to see we need a few signings, a striker, a DM, a left back if Clichy's shit form is anything to go by.

Titles over personally. Man Utd are in their usual latter season roll, Chelsea look solid, we look a joke. Lose to Liverpool and we'll be 2 points behind them.

Still there's always hope.