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Monday, 23 June 2008

Nasri deal finally done

£15.8 million.

Excellent buy, I reckon we still need a winger (since Hleb will fuck off most likely) and maybe a striker if Wenger sells Adebayor.

Looking forward to seeing Nasri next season.

Friday, 6 June 2008


How many Arsenal fans don't give a fuck if he goes? I don't. For me a winger is useless if he can't score or give assists especially in a team like ours where we play with only one striker (since RVP's injured all season). What is it Hleb's scored: 11 goals since he's been here, that's 11 goals in 3 years and 14 assists...this is a winger we're talking about.

Don't get me wrong he's been sensational in some games but a winger who boasts 11 goals and a pathetic 14 assists in 3 years won't be a big loss. His inability to score has cost us more than people realize. When we had Pires or Freddie we had no problem. If Henry was off-form they would chip in. We needed a winger to score when Ade was off-form and Fabregas's goals' had dried up and Hleb failed miserably.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense would expect nothing from Eboue since the guy isn't even a winger, he's a right-back, a fucking good one too which Arsenal fans are quick to forget.

My point is Hleb should have done more; a lot more. His passing and fancy skills are useful but they don't help the team win what helps the team win is goals and assists from their winger if the striker is off-form. What is expected of a winger is to get in goal-scoring positions and take opportunities, sadly Hleb has failed all these expectations. Perhaps we have been spoiled by Freddie and Pires's goal-scoring exploits but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that all successful teams in Europe have goal-scoring wingers they can rely on. Madrid have Sneijder and Robben, both of whom have contributed in more than 20 goals and assists combined and 10 goals and assists combined each, that's what Hleb's done in 3 years. Utd have Ronaldo and Giggs who'll chip in. Barca have Messi and in recent years, except this one, Ronaldinhio has been nothing short of sensational.

Maybe I am being harsh but take Hleb out and nothing changes. Our number of goals stay the same, we need a goal-scoring winger or one who contributes a high number of assists. If we need players with fancy skills we have plenty in our academy.