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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle


Adebayor scored a well worked goal, belter by Flamini and good 3rd goal by Cesc.

Newcastle were pathetic like they were under Fat Sam and deserved what they got.

Good clinical finishing from us. First goal was good, with good play by Hleb and Cesc and a good cross by Flamini which was headed in by Adebayor. 19th of the season !

Flamini was quality, nice to see him organising the players when defending set plays. He really has come forward this season, quality going forward and quality defending. Like Clichy he just never gets tired.

Clichy was class once again, he really is an attacking threat for us now. Some of his passing and crossing is very good. Senderos again did a very good job and the way he's been playing we cant remember we even had Kolo! He headed away/cleared balls countless times. He helps us to another clean sheet.

Cescs' goal was a good goal too, good touch from Bendtner and good left foot finish by Cesc. It'd been a while since he had last scored, and hopefully he'll get more form back.

Top of the league for at least a day. Good performance.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

What a laugh

Got this from The Herd and then the Arsenal Times (I do NOT know whose picture this is or who made, so do not accuse me of leeching)

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle

A very good performance, hats off to Clichy and Ade. Clichy's crossing was superb and Ade was sensational in his finishing. Walcott wasn't too bad either. Diaby was acceptable, his phobia of passing is still p*ss annoying.

A good comeback after the Tottenham fluke. Newcastle weren't too bad either, finally they played football and not the hoof-ball that they played under Big Sam. They'll be good under Keegan although there is no chance any team will break into the top 4.

Newcastle again up next, will be tight I reckon. We'll still win though, 2-1 my preditcion.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Traitors...some 'Arsenal' Fans

I have been utterly appalled by some 'Arsenal' fans trying to congratulate Tottenham for their fluke. Fu**ing disgraceful, those aren't Arsenal fans, those are the numpties that don't sing nor chant nor clap nor do any fucking thing at the Emirates, those are the ones who don't appreciate that they have the chance to support Arsenal when people like me would give a fu**ing arm and leg to go and see us play, no wonder the atmosphere there is going bonkers, those 'fans' are the ones who still think our biggest rivals are 'Man U'.

I am sick to my fu**ing stomach after yesterday, so it begs belief how some 'Arsenal fans' can feel like accepting the loss let alone congratulating the yid cu**s.
And I also post on The Herd before anyone effing blames me for leaching or copying the same post.

On a couple of places people have been getting touchy regarding this topic, its only football at the end of the day, I dislike a club, nothing more.

Tottenham sporting director Damien Comolli has apologised to Arsene Wenger after the Arsenal manager was sprayed with champagne by Spurs players during his post-match interviews following Tuesday's Carling Cup semi-final. (BBC)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Toon up next

Lets move on the next match then. Its Newcastle at the Emirates. We've beaten them before this season so I am not too worried. I would like to see Gavin Hoyte given a run, if he is fit. It'll be a strong team so we should be alright.

Ba*tard* take on Arsenal


Looks a strong squad. I think Wenger will put out the following team (assuming he isn't willing to risk Gallas, Ade, Cesc and Hleb)

Sagna Hoyte Gilberto Traore
Walcott Denilson Flamini Diaby
Edu Bendtner

My only worry would be the Central defence and risking Flamini but we don't have any other choice.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED and for those who are going to Milan

With 14 classic old Bergkamp goals and the goals against Fulham.

This person, pintofmilk, (hence I don't want to take credit) gave this link for those who are going to Milan:


Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

Routine win, Clichy was excellent. His crossing which usually is poor was superb. I was also impressed by Eduardo today. His involvement in the 3rd goal was superb, he was lively and he caused Fulham a lot of problems. As for Adebayor he's only 23 for those of you who slate him and with years ahead of him he'll be a star. Well played Ade.

C***s up next, we'll win, by PENALTIES I reckon.

Come on lads lets beat the tossers in their own backyard again.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED, 14TH JAN

With now Classic goals uploaded, you won't those anywhere on the internet.

Monday, 14 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals UPDATED, 14TH JAN

Goals against Bucharest, Villa, Reading, Newcastle, Man Ure, Wigan, 7-0 vs Prague, 3 against Shef Utd, Goals against Liverpool, Goals against Sunderland, Away at bucharest and vs West Ham.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Arsenal 1-1 Brum

Well well, my pre-prediction of 3-0 sounds silly...Couldn't see the match unfortunately, had a driving lesson but from what I saw in the last ten minutes maybe it was a blessing. We have dropped some useless points, needless points to crap teams. If it was Chelsea under JM they would have been 10 points clear by now. But I still have the confidence in the lads and its still too early.

Next up Fulham away. I would take this game very seriously. Relegation threatned teams or teams in bad form usually gives us a hard time, the case being Newcastle, Boro and now Birmingham.

I still expect a win though. Come on Arsenal!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Walcott saves Theo day

Haha. Tottenham really do make laugh. I mean how many fu**ing chances do you mugs need to score?

I am rather proud of Arsenal. 
2 years ago we had our most dreadful season in a decade and we still 
finished ahead of Tottenham (who had their best season in a decade), now we play our shi**est and they STILL can't ever win! Remember Pires's goal in 2005/06 at WHL? We played pants and still drew. Henry's goal at Highbury? We played pants and still drew. Baptista's 2 goals at WHL? We played pants and came back from 2 goals and still drew. Remember the last two games at the Emirates? We played pants and even won one. With this type of resilience I am very confident we'll turn the c***s at WHL, Arsene will make sure of that.

Come on Arsenal, make us proud.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Arsenal take on the B*****s

I cannot wait to see our reserve side give them a spanking again. Whatever team Arsene plays we'll still manage to beat them. I hope we don't rest Eduardo as his form has recently been nothing short of sensational and I also hope we play Cesc even though with a PL game on Sat it may be risky. If he plays there is no way the Spuds can dominate midfield. With Berbatov's head swollen so much and Ledley King getting injured like a little kid after every 5 minutes I am not too worried Tottenham will be a threat. They haven't been for the last 40 years.

Come on ARSENAL.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Burnley 0-2 Arsenal----The Arsenal- Goals Updated-

Well played Burnley. Dudu again the hero for me. The guy's finishing is surely the best in Arsenal, the coolness and the composure is second to none. Credit to Burnley, they played very well and unlike many championship or indeed PL sides their play wasn't all about hoofball. They played some good attacking football.

-The Arsenal- Goals updated with goals from Anelka, Paddy and Freddie fot those who can't find the old goals on the internet. The link is on the top right hand side.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Match Goals Updated

Lauren's vs Chelscum and Adams vs Man Ure (Absolutely love that!). The Link is on the top right hand side.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

-The Arsenal- Goals Updated

Everton vs Arsenal. All Goals. Link is on the top right hand corner.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Arsenal 2-0 West Ham

Unfortunately didn't watch or listen to this game (due to the fact I was trapped in the forking tube traffic), but by the sounds of it we had a routine win. It was good to hear that Freddie got a standing ovation as he was going off injured, he is an Arsenal legend however the BS he said when he left the club was annoying.

Eduardo scord once again, and apparently its his 5th goal in his last 3 starts, and some people say he has not settled well so far but it seems they are oblvious to the fact that he actually has 10 goals, which is a lot more than many other supposed stars in the English premier league. Eduardo scored our goal within the first 5 minutes and from then on West Ham would have had to come forward and try and get an equaliser. Adebayor got our 2nd, and it was an amazing goal by the sounds however. Adebayor, really is an unpredictable player. He goes from the truly amazing to the the amazingly shocking in a matter of minutes! Look at his goal against Sp*rs and Newcastle, and by the sound of things today's goal, and then compare that to some of the sitters he still misses from 8 yards out. He still has some critics, and people think Bendtner should be ahead of him (I disagree---this is a long and much discussed tedious topic) but whatever anyone says, theres no doubt that Emmanuel Adebayor is a class act and we miss him when he's not playing.

So an FA Cup game at turf moor coming up next for Arsenal, and it will be interesting to see what team Wenger puts out because we usually play a slightly stronger side in the FA cup compared to the ones we put out in the CC.

(Goals will be uploaded in the next 1-2 days, and if anyone has any requests of goals over the past 5-6 years then say so. I have a HUGE collection of Arsenal goals, and I'm glad I downloaded them all that time ago because now the pricks have them removed from Youtube).