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Friday, 23 May 2008

John Terry

Mr Chelsea.

Served him right, crying like a fucking girl. Why take the penalty when he still had someone like Essien? Because of his big fucking ego thats why. He and the Chavs would have thought come on 'JT' score now and make yourself a hero, instead he made himself look like a prat. I remember Gallas being gutted after we drew at Brum and the press labelled him as a 'bad example' to the team, what about Terry eh? Or is he English and all the criticism doesn't apply to him? Same with Shrek throwing his shirt after being subbed, had it been someone from our team the press would have been at it like a pack of wolves but no Rooney was displaying 'English grit'. Fucking hypocrites.

As much as I hate the Mancs; better them than the whores. No Arsenal fan (and am talking about real gooners, not the numpties who have no idea how much we hate Chelsea and who still think 'Man U' are our biggest rivals) would have been able to see that twat Cole lift the trophy.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

End of Season

Here's what I reckon

Player of the season: Sagna, the lad didn't make a single mistake and with him being injured our defence has fallen apart.

Match of the season: Milan 0-2 Arsenal, no doubt.

Home performance: Not many that stand out, home was where we fucked up our season but if it had to be it was against the yids.

Away: Yids

Goal of the season: Adebayor at Anfield, alone worth it for Theo's superb run.

Gutted many of us, as the poll shows, really thought we'd won the title after our amazing run. I still firmly believe we'll do it next year as the team will know what mistakes not to make again.

We need 3 players, 2 wingers and a good solid DM.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Does the situation really look that bleak?

Arsenal fans on the forums have been very worried about losing Flamini and Hleb. We always knew Flamini was going to fu*k off and too be honest and I am not really that worried about Hleb leaving too be honest.

Yes he is excellent with his passing but people have slating Adebayor about him missing chances what about Hleb? How many times has he fu*ked up? How many times has he got into a position and refused to shoot thus missing an opportunity? How many goals has he scored? I've said before a winger is useless if he can't fu*king score, 11 goals in 89 apps. Not many assists. Is he really that big a loss? Any person with a ounce of common sense by looking at those numbers will say he isn't.

Hope Wenger goes and buys a good GOAL-SCORING winger, we'll all be happy.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Flamini the c**t off

Well done for the season Flamini. He gave his heart out in every game.

BUT what a c**t for the way he's left. Greedy idiot.

As for Jens, he deserved his ovation. He's been a star for us all 8 years. The amount of times he's saved us from beatings is unbelievable. For me his performance in the FA Cup 2005 will always be etched in my memory.

Flamini: who gives a fu*k.

Jens: good luck in the future in whatever he does. Thanks for all the memories.