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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

At the idiot who replied:

Who made you Arsenal God to say who should go to the Emirates whether asian or
not (obviously you were short sited at HIGHBURY the East Lower was always
sprinkled with our Asian friends who didnt detract from any atmosphere and paid
a couple hundred quid to get in for their trouble from the low life scum who
call themselves touts)

'Arsenal God' hahaha, nice one that.You try and make it sound like I hate asians and that Im sort of racist twat. Thats not the case, at all. I just think MOST foreign fans are glory hunters, and they are. The majority wont know a thing about our history. If Arsenal are playing in league 1 after 15 years, I wonder if our support across Asia will still be there.

Arsenal away fans are best...its a magnified view if 3-4000 who are mainly
singers who sit in the same area, dont kid yourself these same people are there
week in week out at home along with another 10,000 hard corer's. You need the
numbers made up though and if you dont you have that you are crappy Blackburn
Wigan Bolton ect no floating fanbase.

Arsenal away fans are the best yeh. I've never said that these people are the same ones at home along with '10,000 hardcores' nor have I ever denied the fact that you need the 'other sort' to make up the numbers.

Short memories also.... whilst the halcyon days of Wengers reighn have seen
difficulties in getting Highbury tickets for a 38,000 odd game take a (even with
TRS)look back to the early 90s before the new north bank and a simple posted
cheque could get you a ticket for the Man utd title clincher....look further
back to the mid to late 80s where you could queue to walk on to the North bank
and stand with all the passionate singers swaying backwards and forwards but
also remember these times saw crowds of between 25,000 for Luton to a 53,000 for
the visit of Liverpool weeks later.

I know all this, I dont even know why you mention it.

Arsenal fans faces may change but the same commitement from the likes of me you
and people that make up the numbers these shouldnt been treated with contempt as
you and the other idiot have ...

Me and the 'other idiot' treat their commitment with contempt because the majority will only be showing commitment till we're in the top 4, I know that and you know that and what pisses me off even more is that some of those wankers will have a go at some of the proper Arsenal. Cunts.

Oh and because you shouted at a player whoopee doo 'lads' wouldnt be involved
at a friendly grow up quick toss pot and have some respect you make me sick
youve been watching to many football factory films ......

When did I say shouting at a player makes me all tough or whatever the fuck your thinking it makes someone? Shouting at players takes place at football games all the time, doesnt make anyone 'proper'. I dont know why you even bring this into it and where does the football factory stuff come in lmao.

I'm pretty sure I know who you are, though I wonder why you didnt post all this earlier in the massive discussions.

Stupid tosser.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha, You don't know me and I have no intention of knowing you unless you are on a train out of Paddington on a match day....I came across this post by chance, and it deserved a response.

Your views did come across in a racist content in your own support don’t have a pop at others who are not so vociferous however 64 quid for a man u ticket should allow these people to sit there as they some did at highbury in silence...and their loyalty not questioned.

My point all the way through was that everyone should be allowed a point of view even if they don’t stand up during 'if you hate totscum' ect.ect.

And I do believe calling a player a cunt from 10 yards at a friendly tournament is well off the mark...I’m unsure of others in the area but have some consideration for the kids in the ground...

I talk from experience and am embarrassed to say I was hammered before the sheff utd semi at old Trafford and sat behind a granddad and lad and hurled abuse down from our position....when the old fella turned around and politely asked me to stop shouting cunt I felt as small as you like...its not big or clever exposing kids to that shit and sobering up during the second half as the game went on I apologized to both.....

If you know the history of previous crowds and the make up of attendances im surprised you made such harsh appraisals of the current 60k attendees....I’m sure the core is still a regular 25-35k with the rest being made from 'floaters' but they are OUR floaters so don’t have a go at them as they are Arsenal as well my friend as we are...

Have some tolerance of the quiet masses some suffer in silence others choose to not sing stand up get stressed out swear ect... We all do things differently and shouldn’t be singled out for doing so..

Up the Arsenal....