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Friday, 19 September 2008


You need your eyesight checked. I said in my earlier post in the blog:

Most (my emphasis on most NOT all) 'fans' in those 'Asian' countries ONLY support Arsenal because our club isn't obscure hence their basis of support is due to the fame of Arsenal --> glory hunters. This is obvious in Chelsea's case, they had no 'fans' or a large fanbase but as soon as £££ arrived and they won something whaddya know we have this huge 'fanbase' coming from nowhere.

Now how the on earth is that racist I have no idea. I'll have a pop at anyone who goes to a match and sits there like a stone. Not sure whether you're aware of a simple fact but cheering and singing for your team HELPS. (FFS). It intimidates the opposition and HELPS your team win. Anyone who doesn't do that is a gloryhunting joke. As for calling Adebayor a cunt, I and real Arsenal fans will call him that and any scum who plays for us while looking to go elsewhere for money.

You said: ''My point all the way through was that everyone should be allowed a point of view even if they don’t stand up during 'if you hate totscum' ect.ect.''

Its a free world. People can have any view they want but I don't agree with yours.


Anonymous said...

What a cock.....

Anonymous said...

dont be a wanker

Shakeel said...

Says the wanker who hasn't got the balls to show his name.