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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

OT, worst game Ive been to this season

Wrote this on an Arsneal place but here it is anyway..

I sat in the E30 section, I can safely say this was the worst away match Ive been to this season. All the Arsenal fans who had bothered to sing were sitting on my far left, further down. The place where I was sitting was full of muppets and cunts who did no utter a SINGLE word through out the game. Whenever people sung to the Mancs 'your support is shit' the Mancs sitting infront of us used to turn around and smirk at the cunts sitting in our section as if to say your support isnt fucking great either.

To top it all of come half time this woman comes down and has a chat with my brother and me. She called us gimps and cunts for standing throughout . NOw her being a woman n all we didnt say anything but she wouldn't shut the fuck up, we asked her how the fuck can she not support Arsenal by singing etc. After that se sat down infront of us and read a magazine all throughout the game. There are Arsenal fans, proper ones, who can't go to games and here we have muppets reading magazines all through the match Reminds of what was said in the 'Theatre of Silence' that football to some cunts is no different to going to cinema and watching a film  

Though well done to the some of the fans, not from my section obv, for giving excellent support through out the game


Steve said...

What is this cunt and fuck language you morn You are a total lowlife

Anonymous said...


Shakeel said...

Noones forcing to read this Steve sunshine.

Fufcking hell, why even bother commenting!

Shakeel said...

As for the Asian blokes can't understand what you wrote. Don't think its pleasent anyway